Welcome to Sobriety Hacker, an online accountability group for those of us who are smart enough to know we should quit drinking — but who just can’t seem to make it stick.

The Sobriety Hackers accountability group is dedicated to helping each other cut down and stay accountable for improving our lives through sobriety.


The mission of Sobriety Hacker is to create a safe space for people with moderate drinking habits to share their experiences and hold each other accountable to cut down or eliminate their drinking habit.

In other words, people like myself: not so long ago, I was just like every other guy I knew — drinking 1–3 beers per day, and telling myself that was normal because my doctor and friends weren’t worried about it.

Far from a teetotaler, I was something of a drinking enthusiast. In fact, I originally started this blog to share my home-brewing experiments!

I wasn’t an alcoholic, but I was depressed and knew I had a problem to solve. Unfortunately, cutting out drinking wasn’t so easy. Especially because of the social aspect, I felt the pressure to get back on the wagon any time I went to a cookout, or met up with friends after work.

Even though I wasn’t showing signs of addiction, I couldn’t seem to stop — and I wanted that sense of control back.

Who’s behind this project?

Sobriety Hacker was started by two friends and coworkers, James Lee and Sean Williams. Hackers by nature and web developers by trade, we cooked up the idea after James tried AA and was far from impressed with the experience. Both of us had an interest in cutting back our drinking, and we knew as developers that nothing makes lasting change quite like building a project and committing to it publicly. After a few weeks of development, SobrietyHacker.com was released into the world!

Sean and James, founders of SobrietyHacker.

Who is Sobriety Hacker for?

If Alcoholics Anonymous feels too much like a cult, and your doctor says that your drinking isn’t bad enough to consider therapy, detox, or medical treatment, then you’ve found the right place: no-bullshit accountability from a group of like-minded peers.


Neither James, Sean, nor any of our community members or contract writers are medical doctors, psychologists, or other health & wellness professionals. The purpose of our articles and resources on this site are to share our experiences and findings in regards to the benefits of sobriety. Statements about the benefits of sobriety include references to medical resources whenever possible. However, all content on this website is intended for general informational or entertainment purposes, and does not in any way comprise medical advice.

In other words, the purpose of this site is to help moderate drinkers who want to stop drinking for personal reasons. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction or are unsure if you should pursue treatment, the correct person to discuss this with is your doctor or another medical professional — not through advice of strangers on the internet ☺.