Frequently Asked Questions About Moderate Drinking

  • What is the definition of moderate drinking?

    US and UK authorities define moderate drinking as the consumption of 1-2 drinks per day for men, and 1 or fewer drinks per day for women.

  • If I only drink beer is that better than drinking wine and liquor?

    Drinking alcohol in large quantities will always be harder on your body than small quantities. With this in mind, the only “benefit” of beer over wine or liquor is that the alcohol content is diluted in more liquid. This can be a negative however, since it encourages “light” drinking and day drinking, or “lifestyle” drinking that continues throughout the day. Additionally, other ingredients in beer such as hops and gluten are known irritants that can cause weight gain in some people.

  • Will being sober make it hard to keep friends?

    Peer pressure and fear of missing out on social events are some of the top reasons people cite for their continued drinking habits. The hard truth is, stopping drinking may reduce the time you spend out on the town with friends — but only if you want it to. You can still go out to bars and not drink while enjoying the social time, provided you have enough self-control. However, members of our group often find that going out to bars is actually not as meaningful as other types of quality time spent with friends, and that going sober encourages more healthy friendship activities like sports, cycling, and dinner parties.

  • What happened to

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Resources for moderate drinkers: